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Dentists Video Merketing

How we put your business on Page 1 of Google

Dentists Video Marketing Is Becoming Very Popular

What we do for dentists to promote their practice through video advertising

Check out below how one of our own promotional videos aimed at dentists video marketing has reached the number 1 spot in Google.

We can achieve the same for your dental practice with your own video campaign focused on your local area.

dental video marketing uk

dentists video marketing


  • Our team will create a powerful dentists video marketing campaign for you

  • All dentists video marketing productions will be optimised properly for the keyword in a special way so that the SEO forces a listing on Page1

  • Then we upload the optimised video to YouTube and wait for thei Page1 listing to happen

  • Finally we then offer the listing to dental businesses currently NOT listed on the first page of Google


  • The contact details on video description are replaced with yours when you rent the video

  • Our team replaces the contact and link details on the video description with yours

  • We create a second video which is further peronalised with logo etc. which will also reach Page1

  • So the business is renting a video already on Page1 with the links and information leading back to them and also has a second more personalised video also listed

Video is an extremely valuable business marketing tool

and its influence is going to continue to increase.


How It Works Detail

Our way to list your business on page 1 of Google is unique and extremely effective


How Much It Costs

Extremely attractive pricing for businesses to join and no setup cost


Make An Enquiry

Check out what is available and enquire for your own bespoke listing


  • The keyword is exclusive to that business (from ourselves) and ONLY ONE BUSINESS per town can rent it.

  • For example for Dentists the Keyword “Dental Implants Cheltenham is vailable for only one dentist in Cheltenham. Larger Cities may have more than one exclusve area.

  • Other keywords are also made available such as Tooth Whitening, Denture Repairs and so on, but they are only made available to rent once they arrive on page1.

  • We can also offer a service where you choose your own keyword and town and we can create a video for you and will optimise it too. This would be exclusive for you. Complete and send us the enquiry form

Dentists Video Marketing Pricing

  • The cost of this incredible Google Page1 service for dentists is incredibly low.

  • Less than a cup of coffee a day

  • One new patient requiring an implant pays for over 5 years’ worth of our fee.

  • Cheaper than newspapers or magazines, a fraction of Google Ads and the listing stays for a long time.


Remember Google owns YouTube and therefore gives huge priority to YouTube videos

How good is that as a marketing strategy that really works?

Very few people know how to properly optimise videos for the search engines. But we do.

Even fewer people have the skill or experience to do it effectively.

At Video Creation Store we have that knowledge and the track record so we make sure every video we create therefore has the best chance of landing on page1 of Google and furthermore an even better chance of achieving the same for video searches.