Kinetic video typography. An animation technique that uses moving text to capture attention, set a tone, and entertain. Can be used with voiceovers too to further capture the viewer’s interest.

Kinetic Videos

What Is a Kinetic Video

Kinetic video typography.

An animation technique that uses moving text to capture attention, set a tone, and entertain.

It seems to be everywhere right now—commercials, music videos, mobile apps, and websites use it to make their words more impactful and add an element of artistry.

Kinetic typography comes in many forms. The creations are a feast for the eyes, whether it be a homage to a famous movie speech or song or an exploration of the typography itself. We’ve picked some brilliant kinetic typography animations, including music videos, movie tributes and more.

Kinetic typography animation isn’t a new kid on the block. This animation is widely used in music videos, movie tributes, and more.

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What is Kinetic Video Typography Animation?

Simply put, kinetic typography is an animation that makes fonts come to life.

As you might already be able to tell, typography here means that it’s basically about texts.

These kinds of moving texts aim to convey or evoke a particular idea or emotion.

It’s also eye-catching and auditorily stimulating. This way, the viewers can easily engage with the content and retain the message much easier.

In explainer videos, kinetic typography is one of the most-used, go-to types of animation.

Its simplicity and elegance make this animation attractive to grab viewers’ attention right off the bat.

Kinetic typography is also a smart option for businesses that can afford to record a professional voice-over as it shows the message on the screen.

In other words, this animation can be played with or without an audio element, making it a great option for social media sharing where most of the users watch video content without sound.

The use of kinetic typography after effects allows you to grab and retain the attention of the viewers. As you can see in the above image, the higher percentage of viewers stay till the end of the video if you keep it short

The Power of Kinetic Video

This explainer video shows you that kinetic typography animation can be such a powerful tool for holding the audience’s attention.

The compelling visuals of the video help the viewers focus on the message without getting overwhelmed.

The transition is so catchy that it makes the viewers wondering what happens next in the animation.

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