At Video Creation Store, we offer a completely unique marketing video service

We create generic videos in a variety of business niches and keyword optimise them to appear on page 1 of Google. Once they appear on the first page of Google, we then offer them to local businesses within that niche to rent the keyword for their own business.

This guarantees that their business using the marketing video will automatically appear on page1 of Google, with the description links leading back to their website.

So no promises of top listing that other companies may offer – A page 1 listing of your marketing video is guaranteed because it is already there.

What is more we often produce several videos with highly searched keywords so you have a choice, BUT we only offer one keyword marketing video to one company, so your marketing video has no competition for that keyword.

If your website currently appears on page 3 or lower, the chances are you receive no traffic at all. Imagine what being on Page 1 can do for your business and how many extra visitors you will receive.

Why A Marketing Video?